Technologist with Decade and a Half of Multiple Domain Expertise

Opel Digi Consult India is a Bangalore based start-up offering world-class education ERP for institutions across size, from schools to colleges, universities and other education institutions.

We have rich and varied domain expertise, and are specialist in developing customized solutions for industries like Education, Insurance, Commercial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Distribution, Utility, Logistics, Banking and Telecommunications.

Our education ERP, Opel, leverages our deep understanding of enterprises class solutions across industries so as to effectively automate administrative processes and introduce greater efficiency and transparency in an education institution.


To be a one stop education technology provider for large partners and contribute to the social and economic growth of mankind through localized services.



Savitha B C,
Managing Director.
With 12+ years of experience in e-governance services, Market Research and Analytics. Savitha has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication
Raghavendra H S,
Director and CEO.
Raghavendra brings to Opel Digi Consult India a wide range of experience in solution designing, sales, and marketing. He has been associated with industries such as IT, Technology and consumer goods and services. With experience spanning nearly a decade and a half, Raghavendra provides the user-centric perspective to Opel Digi Consult India’s products.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and an MBA in Systems and Marketing.
Suresh Kumar D,
Director of Technology.
Bachelor in Computer Science with 16 years of experience delivering solutions to corporate and e-governance departments in India and US.
Kailash Shivangi,
Director of Operations.
Bachelor of Science with 15+ years of experience in e-governance and worked as consultant in various large organizations on prestigious projects like UIDAI, CSC, ESIC, SECC.

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