Opel - Simplifying Administration at Your Institution

Opel DigiConsult India is an innovative start-up, committed to delivering quality technology to the education industry. We have extensive exposure to the education system and deep domain understanding of areas which are time and labor intensive for yourorganization.

ODCís education ERP, Opel has been carefully designed for education institutions of all size, including school, college, university, training institutions and others in the domain of imparting knowledge. The SaaS-based ERP is well suited for both individual and group institutions. Flexible and customizable, Opel can effortlesslymeet the niche needs of your education institution.

Seamless Automation of Institution Processes

Opel has been designed to help your education institution automate and easily manage administrative processes right from admission to when the students completesí their education in the institution.

Web-based SaaS Education ERP

Web based Software as a Service (SaaS) education ERP, Opel is a plug and play, subscription solution. It does away with recurring costs of purchasing software, renewal of licenses, dependency on in-house skilled resources or support from solution provider for upgrades and patches. Low initial investment means you can adopt Opel quickly and in an affordable manner. As a web-based solution, Opel is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.

Robust Innovative Technology

Opel is built on a robust platform. The application is light, has been developed by expert programmers and runs fast even on low end computers. The ERP can also be rapidly installed, so that your education institution has a software up and running in days. Opel is also high on security keeping in mind your institutions need for data protection. It allows users password based and designation based access.

Data Security with Electronic Storage of Information

Opel is scalable and allows your institution to maintain thousands of records, and data which grows year on year. Store information on administrative processes, staff, students and others in soft copy. Do away with bulky files that are space intensive and difficult to store. Ensure greater security and compliance with government regulations.

User-friendly and intuitive

Opel has been developed to address the information divide between students, parents and the institution. It facilitates open and rapid communication, enables easy access to information and builds synergies.

Generate Customized Reports

Opelís user-friendly dashboards have been designed keeping in mind users who have minimal exposure to software and is thus easy to learn and get trained on. It also allows users to generate a host of customized reports so that school management has access to intelligence of the institution at all time.

Training and Support

After installation we ensure your staff is adequately trained on how to capitalize on the feature rich Opel. Additionally, should you need us; we are just a phone call away.

Cost-effective Payment Model

A subscription based solution; Opel enables you to leverage the most cost-effective package depending on the number of students in your institution.

Benefits of Opel Education ERP

Organized School Management

  • Access to accurate, real time data
  • Rapid report generation for simplified, centralized planning and management
  • Accurate and error free maintenance of institution records
  • Systematized, seamless communication with staff, students and parents
  • Do away with cumbersome paper transactions

Efficient Teachers

  • Attendance automation
  • Automated grades and marks system
  • Fast online scheduling of time tables
  • Easy access to reports on student attendance, performance
  • Reduced time spent on admin work
  • Faster accurate communication with students
  • More time spent on interacting with students

Happier Students

  • Easy access to information uploaded by teachers
  • Better access to library books through library module
  • View activity calendar, notices and news
  • Smooth, periodic flow of information about institution,
  • Receive alerts on important announcements, assignments and time table

Delighted Parents

  • Improved and transparent communication between management, teachers, parents and students
  • Anytime access to information about student
  • SMS and e-mail on student performance, fees, upcoming events
  • Access to school e-news, image gallery